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Located conveniently in TTK Road, Alwarpet, Our clinic has state-of-the-art treatment facilities for all types of urological procedures. We provide comprehensive urological service, and are committed in providing complete patient care. We treat various conditions of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testis. We offer ultra modern treatments for Kidney Stone Disease, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Urinary Tract Infection, Prostate Enlargement, Urethral Strictures and Urinary Bladder Cancer.

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Treatments Offered

kidney stone disease
Kidney Stone Disease
Person taking high intake of animal protein and reduced intake of water, those with obstruction to urinary system drainage and having residual urine are also prone to stone formation.
prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer
It is the commonest cancer in men Fortunately it is less common in India compared to Europe and North America. Prostate cancer refers to cancer that occurs in prostate gland.
kidney cancer
Kidney Cancer
The kidneys are paired bean-shaped organs, found in the lower abdomen. They remove waste products from the body and clean blood. Cancer of the kidney, also called renal cancer
urinary tract infection
Urinary Tract Infection
Discomfort in passing urine, increased urinary frequency , urgency , urethral , lower abdominal pain, back pain are all suggestive of urinary tract infection.
prostate enlargement
Prostate Enlargement
The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that forms part of the male reproductive system. The gland is made of two lobes enclosed by an outer layer of issue.
urethral strictures
Urethral Strictures
Urethral Stricture is males the urethra starts from the outlet of the bladder and runs through prostate gland .This part of the urethra is called the posterior part.
urinary bladder cancer
Urinary Bladder Cancer
The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ in the pelvis area whose main function is to store urine. When cells that line the inner part of bladder turn malignant, the resulting condition is cancer of bladder.
laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Specialised instruments that can be passed through tiny cuts made in the abdominal wall and the use of magnification using optics and camera, creation of pneumo peritoneum to distend the abdomen have made key hole surgery possible.
passing blood in urine
Passing Blood In Urine
Some food such as beetroot , certain drugs may stain the urine to orange colour but urine examination will not show any red blood corpuscles (RBC). Blood in the urine can be painful or painless.



Conferences Attended

  • American Urological Association Annual Meet, May 2016.
  • Men’s Health Problem, Pfizer Conference, Bangkok, October 2015.
  • Conference on Rental Stone Update, Alicante, Spain, September 2015
  • American Urological Association Annual Meet, 2014