Bladder Stone

Bladder stone is one of the common condition affecting both young and elderly people. It causes a lot of pain , uneasiness and also affecting the quality of life.

What is Bladder stone?
Urine contains many substances such as calcium, uric acid . If their concentration is more than normal , they can form crystals due to supersaturation. Initially they are like sandy particle . As time passes, more and more crystals get deposited on it and stone formation occurs.

  1. Stone can be small, large, single or multiple.
  2. They can be as big as a potato
  3. They are hard in consistency, brown or black in colour
  4. They can be round, oval, with smooth or irregular surface

Factors that may cause Bladder stone

  • Certain disorders like hyperparathyroidism, dehydration, renal tubular acidosis, and gout.
  • Stone that travel from kidney, ureter can get stuck in the bladder.
  • Urethral stricture in young adults and prostate enlargement in the elderly are common causes of stone formation.
  • Neuropathic bladder causing poor emptying of bladder.
  • Introduction of foreign body in to the bladder out of curiosity or in psychiatric patients
  • Long indwelling catheters can also form stones

Diagnosis and treatment
A consultation with an experienced urologist is of utmost importance. It can be diagnosed by various method including x-ray and scan. Stone is removed by endoscopy procedure. Laser is used to remove large stones. The predisposing cause for the stone has to be treated to prevent recurrence of stones.

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