Testicular Cancer

testicular cancer

Early diagnosis is very important as cure can be achieved in more than 9 in 10 men.

What causes testicular cancer :

  • Brothers of affected family may have increased risk
  • Undescended scrotal carries increased risk of developing cancer
  • Men who have AIDS have slightly increased risk of developing cancer vague pain in the scrotum

Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer :

  • Lump in the testis
  • Dragging pain in the lower abdomen
  • Heaviness in the testis region

Diagnosis :

  • Blood tests are done to check tumour marker levels.
  • CT abdomen, CT Chest will be required to see the extent of spread.
  • Removal of testis can be curative in many patients. Additional treatment include removal of nodal swellings .(Retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy), chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be required.
  • Regular self examination of testes can detect change in shape of testis and development of any swelling.